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  • Shoulder Seam Finishing

Stars that disguise themselves as Gaze

Option 1: White
  • Don't notice now, my eyes are shining for you. There are some galaxies here. The world turned when I saw you standing there, in a colorful dress and bare back, long hair and looking forward to it. Everything turned upside down when you turned around and smiled shyly. I stepped on Jupiter. I deviated from Saturn. I wanted to give you a ring right there. And tie you and tie us and become us. And make you laugh, all the time and without time to end. See you closing your eyes and laughing. The world could end there. And if it ended I would have already known the entire Universe. You are a comet. Rare event. It's flash that blinds, rests, bewilders, messes up. It's a bicycle goal in the 49th of the second half. It's chaos. Is calm. You are piece 1001 of the thousand-piece puzzle. And it goes by fast. And fly fast, because you're a star. Lights up and gets drunk. And seduces and falls in love. And tramples. Calm as a bomb. It breaks me up and puts me together and breaks me again. Because you're a hurricane and I'm the house that breaks down, the fence that breaks and when you left, I was flattened. Fool, I always knew this was the script. And I write in the future about the future of the past. It's going to end the way it did, but don't notice now, my eyes are shining at you...look what a mess this has made. 

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